Four friends, one ambition:

creating shoes for shoe-enthusiasts

Point de Paris is above all the story of four friends, united by an all-consuming passion for shoes. Our devotion to outstanding products led us to travel across France and Europe to meet the best manufacturers.

We have built on this experience to create our own brand, making our dream come true and allowing us to share our passion. Point de Paris was created with the goal of making shoes with personality for enlightened connoisseurs and demanding shoe-aficionados.


We took the name of the measurement unit used by French bespoke shoemakers as our symbol: the Point de Paris. The main difference from English or US counterparts is precision: while each English/US unit measures 8.46 millimetres (1/3 of an inch), a Point de Paris is only 6.66 millimetres (2/3 of a centimetre) long which allows for a better fit with maximum comfort and increased durability.

Table de conversion poitures

We aim to share our passion for our shoes, which are designed and produced in line with traditional bespoke shoemakers' methods. All our shoes are made in France, using first grade materials and leather from the best tanneries.

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Our shoes can be purchased online, without middlemen and at a fair price that allows you to turn your desires into reality.

Charlie, Guillaume, Raphaël and Jonathan.

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