What is the point de Paris?

The point de Paris is the measurement unit traditionally used by French bespoke shoemakers. Whereas the difference between two of our full sizes (eg: a 42 and a 43) is 0.66 centimeters, the difference between two English/US sizes is bigger, at 0.85 centimeters. Choosing shoes using the point de Paris measurement unit such as ours thus allows for better sizing options for your fit to be optimal.

Where can I buy Point de Paris shoes?

All our models are available for purchase on the collection page.

How can I discover your products?

We frequently organize sales events in Paris where you can come see, touch and try our shoes. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or to follow us on social media to know more.

What size am I?

You can consult our sizing guide and check the match with your usual size. We are always at your disposal to discuss this further in case you still have a doubt. Do reach out to us and we will advise you what the best size is for you.

When can delivery be made?

If we stock your size, we only need to apply the hand finishing to your pair before shipping it to you. If we don't stock your size, then the delivery delay takes into account our supplier providing us with a pair in your size. We chose to stock a relatively limited number of pairs to offer you reasonable prices and keep on developing new models so if your size is on stock, enjoy it while it lasts!

What is the shipping cost in France?

We offer complimentary French delivery for every pair of Point de Paris.

What is the shipping cost outside of France?

In the European Union, we ask you for a 30 euros contribution to the shipping costs for each order of at least one pair of Point de Paris. For delivery outside in the world, we ask you for a 50 euros contribution to the shipping costs for each order of at least one pair of Point de Paris.

How can I ask for an exchange or a refund?

You can return your pair within 14 days after receipt by sending an email at contact@pointdeparis.com and telling us if you want to exchange the pair or a refund. The shoes must not have been worn, in particular the leather should not show any signs of creasing. We also recommend that you try your shoes on a carpet so the sole remains unmarked. The shoes need to be returned with their packaging and accessories.