Shoes without compromise

There are as many ways to make a shoe as there are shoemakers. Here at Point de Paris we have taken our inspiration from master bootmakers and our ambition is to offer high quality specifications without compromise. After years of product development, we are proud to offer you these outstanding shoes.

Forme Audace dePointde Paris

Our Audace Last

The last of a shoe gives shape and defines a house style. We have developed ours as a signature which embodies the French style of Point de Paris.


The last gives bodness and character through the chiseled toe and sharp edges. We therefore named it Audace - the French word for bravery.

Goodyear sous gravure

Goodyear Welted with Closed Channel

Goodyear welting offers the highest quality. The upper leather, lining leather and welt are stitched to the outer sole. This stitch holds the sole in place and make resoling any Point de Paris pair of shoes easy without damaging the upper. Our closed channel is made by cutting into the sole to lift it up.


The channel is then cut to stitch the sole to the welt. It is then closed down, to create an aesthetically pleasing result which purists will appreciate.

Goodyear mur gravuré


Our goodyear is made through cutting a lip in the insole. The welt seam is then sewn, as opposed to glued when "gemming" is used.


This construction is very close to the handmade techniques used by bespoke shoemakers. It will bring increased durability to your shoes.

Lisse ronde

Bevelled waist

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing result and to pay tribute to the traditional work of bespoke shoemakers, our waist is bevelled and pegged as much as possible to enhance the curves and highlight the sharpness of the last.

Cuir d'exception

Leather from Tanneries Du Puy

The French calf used by Point de Paris comes from Tanneries du Puy which is based in Puy en Velay. Our first grade boxcalf/aniline leather is carefully selected to offer flexibility and resistance to your shoes.

Contreforts longs en cuir

Long leather heel counters

The counter is the piece of material at the heel level which supports the foot. It also prevents slippage and wear in at this spot when the shoe is put on and taken off.


In order to provide excellent arch support Point de Paris uses long leather heel counters which go as far as the waist, as is customary in traditional French handmade shoemaking.

Cambrion bois et plaque de liège

Wooden shanks

The shank is below the sole and strengthens the shoe to ensure durability in spite of the challenges endured during wear.

Less noble materials such as plastic or metal are frequently used.

The wooden shanks used by Point de Paris provide the necessary resistance while using traditional materials.

Teinte à la main

Hand finishing

In order to give our shoes more character and depth, the dye and polish used for Point de Paris shoes are handmade.

Point d'arrêt brodé main

Handmade "point d'arrêt" embroidery

The embroidery reinforces the quarter at the base of the eyelets. It is also proof of sophistication when, as as on all Point de Paris models it is carefully hand-sewn.